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A small talk on product information management

and how important it could be for your business.

What do you expect?

The customer expectations are very high:
– no errors
– very detailed
– add your own review and insights
– high quality images
– if possible with home-made videos
– of course all relevant product and safety sheets, user guides, …

So many products, so little time

The need for efficiency is growing. This is only possible with the right PIM tool, in full product information management.

PIM topics to be discussed

– products (this is a big topic)
– don’t overlook management of digital assets (DAM)
– how to measure and guarantee quality
– international and translations
– team collaboration and workflows
– supplier collaboration, to be negotiated
– publish to multiple channels: print, webshops, marketplaces, customers,…
– b2b customer enablement

Which PIM tool?

PIM is available in all colors and also part of experience clouds. In this way pim and dam are besides content, #ecommerce and personalization the building blocks of an ecommerce stack.

As you have noticed, we are not talking about vendors. This way we can discover your needs and build a business case for PIM with the selection of the PIM tool that fits your needs.

PIM and MDM, what is the difference?

PIM is only about products, MDM can be about anything.
Obvious, MDM can do more and has more advanced functionality and workflows.