PWA and headless ecommerce, you talkin’ to me?

I notice losing my audience while talking about #headless and #pwa in #ecommerce, why is that?

Headless means that the frontend is not there.

PWA stands for Progressive Web App, it will often be the ideal replacement of a mobile app, let’s call it a web app.
And so it all comes together, you connect a PWA as a frontend to the headless commerce api.

Sorry, API?

These are the services that enable communication between applications, in this case between PWA and headless ecommerce framework.

Do we need microservices?

When we talk about microservices, it just means that these API services have a very limited functionality. It’s pretty awesome, what a flexibility when you can work with simple small building blocks with limited functionality that compose a growing application tailored to your business needs.

Is PWA the future?

Yes in certain use cases.

If you are evaluating your ecommerce stack, just make sure you are able to go that way. No pressure, the awareness for PWA still has to grow a lot, but next year is not far away.

If I could give you some advice, please compare carefully the options before building a mobile app, PWA has some serious advantages.

Steve Jobs even preferred web apps (launch iphone), Google claimed the name PWA.