What is the budget of a SuiteCommerce B2B Commerce Project?

Good question, compare it to a kitchen or a car, you only buy if you know the budget upfront.

Some like it rough

For starters, a B2B project is always tailored to the need of the customer, there is no standard or minimal scenario. But we suppose we need to give a ballroom figure, count on minimal € 40 K. In a moment I am happy to explain you why, on average you should take into account a budget of € 50 to € 150 K on average. This budget is only for the NetSuite SuiteCommerce part, not for NetSuite ERP. There is no upper limit, it all depends.

Only the blind see the truth

Our recommendation is not to stare blind on huge numbers. The real question is not the cost, but the return on investment, what can it bring to your business?

The first reason to invest is mostly not growth, it’s about defending the current competitive position. Assuming what you have and how you do business now is a certainty for the future, then think again. This is “as is” thinking, to be avoided it all cost. Why? Think about what happened to Rome.

To discover a budget

To be able to deliver a statement of work and budget, explaining what we will do, you need a detailed analysis(insight) of the project. The scope of a project needs to be discovered in depth.

Many companies think that the scope is a B2B Commerce Project or the need to have a B2B web store.

At a high level thinking this could be the truth but in reality it’s the result of the project.  What you really want, starts from the customer perspective and what the customer wants.

Change is not important

Ask yourself, in 5 to 10 years, what is here to stay? Start from that perspective to define your change strategy based on best practices. No stress, everything is changing all the time, that’s certain. The worst advice would be to proclaim agility on every change. Look ahead, and decide what you need to accomplish in 3 to 5 years and how you would like to do that based on simple best practices, not depending on digital tools.