Magento versus SuiteCommerce Advanced

Adobe Commerce Cloud - Magento

Again, Magento versus another competitor.

You are right, Magento eCommerce is a great product and after so many years still one of the leaders in the digital commerce magic quadrant from Gartner. With Adobe as new owner, the community which was the strength of Magento, is alive and kicking. Magento Live 2019 @ Amsterdam made it very clear, Adobe Magento is here to stay as one of the leaders of the pack. This is pretty impressive for something that started as an open source project.

Magento has some shortcomings

Gartner confirms, if you are looking for a new ecommerce platform, make sure you know that Magento has some shortcomings:

  • in the cloud it is not scalable and therefore not true cloud – NetSuite SuiteCommerce is scalable
  • while a lot of customers are B2B, the B2B offering is lacking some essential features like approval workflows – NetSuite SuiteCommerce has a strong B2B offering
  • for B2B, Magento is not a good starting point to build custom applications.
    • Why? Just too complex and therefore longer time-to-market and higher budget. – NetSuite and therefore SuiteCommerce are born to be flexible, suitable for almost every business in the world.
  • integration with Adobe Experience Cloud is not fully working. But even if so, the Enterprise offering of Adobe is not always the best fit for the many mid-sized businesses in Europe. And yes, simply because the budget (implementation, subscription + service) is just too much. – NetSuite SuiteCommerce has a very large marketing ecosystem with NetSuite Bronto fully integrated (but also expensive)
  • integration with ERP is often available, but still requires implementation and maintenance – NetSuite SuiteCommerce is an integral part of NetSuite platform, so no integration needed

Magento Past and the Future

In my personal experience, after more than 10 years, the initial version of Magento was so good that we had a pretty conservative roadmap. A lot of the improvements were performance, technical or security based. The big new version Magento 2, which was announced many years before the real launch did not bring the expected innovation. Adobe + Magento do have a promising future, but progress is slow and incremental for the moment.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is not a new product, it’s just Magento in the cloud. Sales strategy wise is this setting out the road ahead, a new future for Magento and his community in the cloud. More business will be able to switch to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

I am waiting for a real new version of Magento, more Enterprise and only available in the cloud. Only this version will have full integration with Adobe Experience + Marketing Cloud. The CE Community Edition will also have a new major release, but lacking some crucial features only available in the cloud. Adobe is trying to find a new balance between business and community for Magento, where open source has never been in their DNA.

Magento is great but…

Magento has a far greater community, many more extensions, great themes, lots of developers and Adobe as owner. NetSuite has Oracle as owner and its cloud community as driver. Adobe has excellence, and a company that wants to be great in what they do. NetSuite has a great platform and excellence in achieving its 2x a year releasing new features !

However the real question is:

Why and When to choose NetSuite SuiteCommerce above Adobe Magento?

The when is easy.

  1. When you are already a NetSuite ERP customer or evaluating NetSuite ERP + SuiteCommerce
  2. You have Shortcomings in Magento (see above) that could become a challenge or even a risk

The why

  1. Integration is a burden and brings more complexity
  2. B2B is the major business driver, hybrid scenarios coming in the nearby future
  3. B2B features are specific for your business, customization needed
  4. True cloud for ERP + eCommerce = winning proposition!
  5. Because Logitail is the NetSuite Commerce Agency Partner in Europe !