Version of SuiteCommerce Advanced and upgrades

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NetSuite customers currently using SuiteCommerce Advanced may wonder whether it’s worth while to migrate to the latest version. Often their SCA instance has undergone many customizations to adopt proper styling and add necessary functionality, raising the question if it is worth the hassle. We will help you find the answer to that very question.

Those who are already accustomed to NetSuite’s ERP will know that Oracle NetSuite pushes out two new releases every year. These releases feature additions to the NetSuite platform and functionality. Often related SuiteApps are update simultaneously to align to new functionality, but this is not true for everything.

So what about SuiteCommerce Advanced and releases? With every NetSuite release, an accompanying SCA version will be made available. However, this version will be available as a separate bundle, rather than an update on the existing bundle. This is to prevent issues with those SCA instances that have been customized (nearly all of them).

The question then raises if it’s worth putting in effort to migrate your web store to the latest version. Logically, not having the latest version will mean you are missing out on bug fixes and new features that are inherent to the new release. Yet, most of the time the new features are not crucial or may have already been covered by a customization.

One major argument to upgrade the version, specifically for those customers who are currently on any SCA release before Aconcagua (see timeline) is opening up the use of themes and extensions.

Starting from Aconcagua, SCA customers can have access to a lot of new functionality by tapping into NetSuite SuiteCommerce extensions.Those extensions are created and maintained by the SCA product group and offer solutions for common industry questions like showcasing bestsellers, comparing products, infinite scroll, GTM services, …
Not only are those extensions freely available, they are also frequently updated outside of the regular NetSuite release schedule.

If you are a customer that is currently not in the happy place (i.e. Aconcagua or later versions), you may indeed benefit from an upgrade! Customers that already have access to the extension management tools through the later versions, are probably best to stay on their current version, unless they have been actively leveraging the extensibility API for their customizations!
If you are interested in a tailor-made recommendation regarding SCA versions and upgrades you can contact us.