How to Calculate an e-commerce Solution’s Total Cost of Ownership

When a business kicks off its search for an e-commerce solution – or any software, for that matter – price is almost always one of the deciding factors. While it can be relatively easy to figure out the upfront price or first-year cost of an e-commerce system, the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the […]

Magento versus SuiteCommerce Advanced

Again, Magento versus another competitor. You are right, Magento eCommerce is a great product and after so many years still one of the leaders in the digital commerce magic quadrant from Gartner. With Adobe as new owner, the community which was the strength of Magento, is alive and kicking. Magento Live 2019 @ Amsterdam made […]

SuiteCommerce Advanced Feature Comparison Matrix

Comparison matrix for #NetSuite #SuiteCommerce Advanced. Get an overview of all features throughout the different versions with this handy comparison matrix. Advanced feature compatibility

Version of SuiteCommerce Advanced and upgrades

NetSuite customers currently using SuiteCommerce Advanced may wonder whether it’s worth while to migrate to the latest version. Often their SCA instance has undergone many customizations to adopt proper styling and add necessary functionality, raising the question if it is worth the hassle. We will help you find the answer to that very question. Those […]

SCA Customers in EU: PSD2 can block online payments

Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) Regulations  to Impact SCA Customers in EU After PSD2 rolls out on September 14, 2019, all EU merchants with an acquiring bank in EU (or their acquirer has EU license) must meet the requirement of Strong Customer Authentication when processing e-commerce payments greater than 30 Euro. This requirement can be […]

Which eCommerce Platform is best?

I often get the direct question, which ecommerce platform is best for our business? My answer: I don’t know (yet). To be able to help in the selection we should take some steps at a minimum, because it’s part of a digital strategy and is a means to achieve certain business goals. For starters we […]

A small talk on product information management

and how important it could be for your business. What do you expect? The customer expectations are very high: – no errors – very detailed – add your own review and insights – high quality images – if possible with home-made videos – of course all relevant product and safety sheets, user guides, … So […]

PWA and headless ecommerce, you talkin’ to me?

I notice losing my audience while talking about #headless and #pwa in #ecommerce, why is that? Headless means that the frontend is not there. PWA stands for Progressive Web App, it will often be the ideal replacement of a mobile app, let’s call it a web app. And so it all comes together, you connect […]

What is the budget of a SuiteCommerce B2B Commerce Project?

Good question, compare it to a kitchen or a car, you only buy if you know the budget upfront. Some like it rough For starters, a B2B project should be tailored to the need of the customer, there is no out of box activation or minimal scenario. But to give you an idea and ballroom […]

Already on NetSuite and thinking about selling online?

NetSuite Commerce is a great solution for every B2Any scenario, even if you only start with B2B. Love to tell you why: Commerce integral part of NetSuite, no integration Much more than a shopping cart, self-service portal out of the box One source of truth, obtain a 360 view of customers Fast implementation with our […]

SuiteCommerce Marketing Ecosystem (updated)

SuiteCommerce Advanced Just take a quick look at the chart, the ecosystem is huge and choice is for sure not limited. In this article we will give the overview of marketing tools and SuiteCommerce. Marketing Ecosystem Facebook The Facebook pixel lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your ad campaigns on Facebook. Find your […]