How to Calculate an e-commerce Solution’s Total Cost of Ownership

When a business kicks off its search for an e-commerce solution – or any software, for that matter – price is almost always one of the deciding factors. While it can be relatively easy to figure out the upfront price or first-year cost of an e-commerce system, the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the […]

Which eCommerce Platform is best?

I often get the direct question, which ecommerce platform is best for our business? My answer: I don’t know (yet). To be able to help in the selection we should take some steps at a minimum, because it’s part of a digital strategy and is a means to achieve certain business goals. For starters we […]

A small talk on product information management

and how important it could be for your business. What do you expect? The customer expectations are very high: – no errors – very detailed – add your own review and insights – high quality images – if possible with home-made videos – of course all relevant product and safety sheets, user guides, … So […]