NetSuite Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce Advanced

Choose carefully your ecommerce stack, Site Builder is not future proof

NetSuite Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced are similar, but in what way?

  • For starters they both share NetSuite and there offer an unified and cloud based ecommerce solution
  • Both offer support for multiple business models: B2C, B2B or even hybrid models
  • Flexible payment options and easy integration with some major shipping carriers lke UPS and Fedex
  • Support for international expansion
  • Multiple web stores powered by one NetSuite instance

Is SuiteCommerce better? Of course

A lot, I can bother you with the details, but Site Builder is a legacy product. This means old and not intended to be used in the future. Besides the old technologies, Site Builder is not responsive. This means it will not adapt and therefore not ideal for mobile users.

If you want to know the details:

  • Responsive web design for mobile and tablet optimized sites
  • Advanced search – including fuzzy search and type ahead search options and rapid and relevant results
  • Facetted search
  • Up-sell and cross-sell recommendations with dynamic merchandising
  • Superior site speed (thanks to features like Single Page Application architecture and CDN Edge Caching)

Why SuiteCommerce instead of Site Builder?

As new to Site Builder, the answer is always SuiteCommerce Advanced as the only future proof choice.

As existing Site Builder customer, please migrate when possible if you are serious about ecommerce. Customers are well aware of what to expect and how the experience should be, there is no room for disappointments caused by legacy software.

How to migrate from Site Builder towards SuiteCommerce Advanced?

That’s easy, the migration part. Of course we need to build a new storefront, a great opportunity to improve and please your customers with great and seamless experiences. Logitail is NetSuite Commerce Partners and fully qualified to assist you during and beyond this migration process.