Strategy Consulting

The what is mostly the question we get, we want an online storefront or self-service portal.

Easy and straightforward you might think, we just need to discover the requirements.  How difficult can it be? Let’s start from the current situation and applications.

In our experience tools and the “what” are just the enablers of a digital strategy. Adding more or replacing digital tools is not a strategy nor will it really strengthen your competitive position in the market.

Our proposition is different:

  • Start from you business strategy and goals
  • Define a digital strategy to achieve these goals inline with the business strategy
  • Define a roadmap in digital based on best practices (3 – 5 years)
  • Start from the roadmap to define go-to-markets, projects and need for digital tools
  • Select the right tools with adequate benchmarking – RFI -RFP
  • Select trustworthy partners

In the ecommerce stack we see following composing parts:

  • The foundation of your business is the right ERP to manage all your business data
  • To manage product data evaluate PIM solutions, in many companies this is a missed opportunity
  • eCommerce is crucial, are you looking for a shopping cart or better self-service portal?
  • Marketing: emailings, recommendations, personalization, advertising, …
  • Content: how will you sell more likely, simply the product catalog or through relevant content?