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Strategy Consulting

The what is mostly the question we get, we want an online storefront or self-service portal.

Easy and straightforward you might think, we just need to discover the requirements. How difficult can it be? Let’s start from the current situation and applications.

In our experience tools and the “what” are just the enablers of a digital strategy. Adding more or replacing digital tools is not a strategy nor will it really strengthen your competitive position in the market.

Our proposition is different:

  1. Start from you business strategy and goals
  2. Define a digital strategy to achieve these goals inline with the business strategy
  3. Define a roadmap in digital based on best practices (3 – 5 years)
  4. Start from the roadmap to define go-to-markets, projects and need for digital tools
  5. Select the right tools with adequate benchmarking – RFI -RFP
  6. Select trustworthy partners
  7. In the ecommerce stack we see following composing parts:

The foundation of your business is the right ERP to manage all your business data
To manage product data evaluate PIM solutions, in many companies this is a missed opportunity
eCommerce is crucial, are you looking for a shopping cart or better self-service portal?
Marketing: emailings, recommendations, personalization, advertising, …
Content: how will you sell more likely, simply the product catalog or through relevant content?

On-Demand and Managed Services

Are you already working with NetSuite Commerce but having problem to find resources in Europe, we can help. Logitail is active throughout EMEA and NetSuite Commerce Partner with certified frontend and backend developers. Helping you with on-demand resources is just a part of our offering, please have a look at Commerce Success where we offer also managed services.

Of course, for existing SCA project, in intake is needed to see what the problems and the quality of work are and how we can propose the best way to work together. For sure, the question of upgrades and updates will arise because extensions and the extension framework

SCA Implementation

The implementation of a NetSuite Commerce project is much more than building a shopping cart.

For starters, SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) is an integral part of NetSuite. Therefore, a SuiteCommerce project starts and needs to be aligned with NetSuite ERP: fulfillment, payment, logistics, inventory,… Even more, there is no point in implementing NetSuite Commerce without NetSuite ERP.

For Europe most projects for NetSuite SuiteCommerce start B2B. Typical about B2B are to name a few:

  • self-service portal for customers to manage their account, purchases, invoices, quotes, product lists, …
  • customer specific pricing and catalogs
  • product configurator
  • customer groups, special promotions

  • For most B2B projects B2C is also an option, therefore B2ANY is always an option we prepare.

Typical steps in a SCA project:

  1. Interactive demo
  2. Statement of Work
  3. Kick-Off meeting
  4. SCA Walkthrough
  5. Discovery workshops
  6. NetSuite Alignment meetings
  7. Theme Development
  8. SCA Setup and Configuration
  9. SCA Development
  10. Training
  11. User Acceptance Testing
  12. Data Migration
  13. Go Live
  14. Commerce Success Services

Extension Development

The extension framework is one of the foundations of NetSuite Commerce. The extension way is valid for themes, extensions to extend SCA functionality and SMT extensions to extend the functionality of the site manager, called Site Management Tools.

Logitail offers you a selection of must-have extensions, prebuilt, and we can build any extension for your use case.

Logitail extensions:

  • VIES validation
  • Commerce category translation
  • SMT block translations
  • Brands and more
  • Grouped product attributes
  • Stock indicator
  • Order grid in product detail
  • Show correct image for matrix items

SuiteCommerce Themes

How your storefront looks and feels, especially on mobile, is extremely important. Speed will close the deal, all our themes are built on performance best practices.

Discover the advanced themes for SuiteCommerce Advanced or  we start from the Logitail Advanced Theme with lots of improvements to build your tailormade theme. All our themes are responsive, optimised for mobile and test on all major browsers.

Soon to be released for the following verticals:

  • Food Wholesale/Distribution
  • Fashion Multibrand/Brand
  • Technical Wholesale/Distribution
  • Beauty
  • Others to come pretty soon

All our work in SuiteCommerce is for B2Any, which means you can start for B2B or B2C and have the option of doing both.

Commerce Success

Go-live is not the end of the project, it’s the start of our Commerce Success offering. The idea behind is that building a storefront or self-service portal is just the start of our cooperation and the growth of your business. Therefore we have defined Commerce Success as an offering to:

  • enable the growth of digital sales and your company
  • facilitate working together with the need of a quote
  • deliver on-demand the right services and expertise
    • Graphic Designer
    • eCommerce UX/UI Designer
    • Theming: frontend development
    • Extension development
    • SCA NetSuite Technical & Architect
    • SCA Full Stack Developer
    • eCommerce Manager
    • Strategy, Consulting and Coaching
  • managed services to monitor and proactively optimise seo, performance, security,…
  • provide coaching and consulting sessions with our ecommerce experts