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A full cloud ecommerce platform that supports your company’s growth, combined with full-spectrum service and support. 


Challenges with ecommerce platforms


You might experience the following issues with your current ecommerce solution:


  • Implementing and integrating different applications is difficult and time-consuming. 
  • Outdated legacy systems are not able to support the (international) growth of your business.
  • You don’t have a 360° view of your business.
  • Support takes up a lot of time and IT-costs could be on the rise since you use different software and hardware systems.


Logitail offers a full-spectrum approach to e-commerce: consultancy, implementation and support.

A full-spectrum ecommerce approach


Logitail is specialized in ecommerce. We give tailored ecommerce advice, implement SuiteCommerce and support you in every step of your ecommerce journey. Together we support the growth of your business. 


What you can expect?

Strategic Consulting

Ecommerce tools are just ‘tools’ without a proper ecommerce strategy. We go the extra mile, and start from a detailed analysis: 

  • What are your business goals?
  • What ecommerce strategy is best suited to reach those goals? 
  • What are your channels and go-to-markets?
  • What ecommerce features are essential to your business?

You can expect strategic consulting before, during and after the implementation of your SuiteCommerce platform.


Want to know more about SuiteCommerce?


Have a look at our advantages more in depth, in order to not miss out superior expertise.


Want to know more about SuiteCommerce?


Complete Implementation

So you’ve discovered SuiteCommerce. Time to make it work! 

Logitail is specialized in implementing SuiteCommerce with your NetSuite cloud ERP. 

  • No integration needed: SuiteCommerce operates seamlessly with your NetSuite cloud ERP.
  • Scalability: Going international? SuiteCommerce sells through multiple brands, countries, languages and currencies.
  • Flexibility: SuiteCommerce can be easily adapted to all your company's needs.
  • Full coverage: Because SuiteCommerce and NetSuite are one unified cloud platform, you get a 360° view of your entire business.
  • Easy data access: Suitecommerce is full cloud: you can access all your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduced costs: No more hassle with different software and hardware systems means saving time and money.

Support & Advice

Our service doesn’t just stop after the go-live of SuiteCommerce. On the contrary, it’s just the beginning. Our goal is to deliver on-demand services, support and advice. 


Count on Logitail to:


  • Offer full support for the implementation of your SuiteCommerce platform;
  • Proactively deliver detailed reports on SEO, performance and security;
  • Provide tailored consulting and coaching sessions with our e-commerce experts;
  • Give the right advice to support the growth of your business.

Want to get to know more about Logitail, and what SuiteCommerce has to offer for your business?

Simply send us a message, or get your free SuiteCommerce Demo.